New York Magazine

January 31, 2011
Trendlet: Total Baloney: At No. 7, Tyler Kord soaks thick slabs of Schaller & Weber bologna in a Korean-style bulgogi marinade, grills them, and stacks them with fried eggs, feta, and pickled onions on housemade "everything" rolls for brunch.


Tasting Table

January 18, 2011
Tyler Kord's food philosophy--clever, irreverent and inimitable--is the hallmark of his Fort Greene restaurant No. 7.

There, the chef dodges Brooklyn's comfort-food bullet with a menu that will never know a meatball. Ditto at his sandwich shop, No. 7 Sub, which shirks BLTs in favor of Brie and pickled blueberries.

But Kord's handiwork has popped up lately in other expressions. And, as with the best bands, his "deep cuts" are worth trying...

New York Times

September 22, 2010
No. 7 Restaurant has garnered great ratings in the nearly two years it's been open. Chef and restaurant partner Tyler Kord says the secret is "becoming friends with the neighborhood ... Understanding the area means a willingness to embrace people, an open friendliness and a genuine love for the people that fill it up and work here."

Black Book

April 8, 2010
Where Celebs Go Out: Keith Powell - "I live in Brooklyn, and I live in Fort Greene. And in Fort Greene, there's a restaurant called No. 7. And No. 7 is the most amazing restaurant...the menu changes every month, and he comes up with the most amazing concoctions...Anything that man makes is, kind-of, a work of art."

The Village Voice

April 15, 2010
No. 7's spring cocktail list is inspired by flowers. The Applejack cocktail packs a serious punch (hello, Applejack, grappa and Cognac?), but is terribly sneaky about it. The dominant violet makes you feel like you're sipping an elixir of pretty petals rather than a triple-booze knockout. Cue the singing birds fluttering around your spinning head.


photo via The Village Voice

The Village Voice

April 8, 2010
The cocktail of the evening [at Edible Brooklyn's Good Spirits event]? That would be [No. 7's] rose petal gin, Campari, and Chartreuse, a refreshingly clean and simple reprieve from the unusually warm night.


photo via Feast


February 25, 2010
Kord and his pastry chef Amanda Clarke (who has worked for both Jean-Georges and Danny Meyer before joining her old friend Kord) are preparing to open the ultimate hero outpost--and they knew they had to do it by making their own bread ... the pair have established an independent bakery on the border of Crown/Prospect Heights, where they intend to make the sub bread, dessert cookies, and soda syrups that will keep the sub shop stocked throughout the day ... we had the privilege of being the first to see the new bakery, complete with its giant ovens pilfered from an old Dunkin Donuts. "When you turn the proofer on," Clarke laughs. "It says, 'Are you ready to make some munchkins?'"


photo via Time Out New York

Time Out New York

February 24, 2010
The Feed first brought you news of No. 7 Sub's forthcoming Ace Hotel location back in August - and we admit, tantalizing you with details of house-made sodas, eclectic sandwich fillings and fresh-baked bread when the opening was still so far off was a bit cruel. But all that anticipation will shortly come to an end...

photo via New York Times

New York Times

February 20, 2010
The idea of sandwiches from...chef and partner, Tyler Kord was not a stretch. The bar menu at No. 7 includes fried tofu sliders and General Tso's catfish sandwich ... At the [No.7] sub shop [in Manhattan], ... the sandwiches, all assembled on sub rolls the restaurant is baking in Brooklyn, are as original as that homage to General Tso on bread.


February 20, 2010
Kord and his team have opened a completely separate functioning bakery on Classon Avenue in Crown Heights, devoted exclusively and obsessively to squishy hero bread. "We always knew that we would be making our own bread for the [No. 7 Sub] shop," says Kord. "That was a condition of opening. But after messing around at the Ace, we knew we wouldn't have the space there. So we opened a completely self-contained commercial bakery next to Glass Shop coffee in Crown Heights, where my pastry chef will spend all night making the fresh bread for the subs.

Chicago Tribune

January 12, 2010
Gone are the days when the designated driver got a shrug and a Diet Coke ... Matt Suchomski, co-owner of Brooklyn's No. 7 restaurant, says his buzzed eatery's inventive menu sets the tone for its cocktails too. "We are heading into prime citrus season, so I love playing with Bergamot and Seville oranges and, more recently, Cara Cara oranges," he says. "The last virgin cocktail I made, which was so good that I made one for myself, was a muddled wedge of peeled Cara Cara, an ounce and a half of guava puree and a couple of dashes of lemon bitters, shaken, strained over ice and topped with soda. I garnished it with the zest of the Cara Cara."

photo via Grub Street

Grub Street

(on our upcoming sub shop, No. 7 Sub, at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan)

January 12, 2010
This is no Subway: Think quirky combos like seviche with leche de tigre mayo, and ham with pineapple and maraschino cherries. We'll bring you pictures of Matthew Maddy's design as soon as the space is finished; until then, whet your appetite with chef Tyler Kord's envelope-pushing menu ...

Eater: Naming the Top Restaurant Standbys of 2009

December 28, 2009
Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor of Bon Appetit: Roberta's, No. 7, Fort Defiance, Frankies, Momo Noodle, Txikito, Saraghina.

photo via Tasting Table

Tasting Table

November 30, 2009
Though No. 7 Sub--the Ace Hotel outpost of Fort Greene's No. 7 restaurant--won't open for nearly two months, the sandwich testing is well under way at the mother ship. There, chef Tyler Kord has been using his bar menu as a workshop for potential heroes, developing classic and not-so-classic hoagies that might find their way onto the menu when the take-out shop opens ...


October 20, 2009
Fork in Road chats with Tyler Kord, the chef at Brooklyn's No. 7 about his upcoming sandwich shop in the Ace Hotel. It will include "seven or eight kind of goofy subs that don't exist in the world yet" ... All of the bread will be made in house.

Michelin Guide: Recommended


Fort Greene gets a significant notch on its foodie belt with the highly-anticipated No. 7 ... Chef Tyler Kord, who used to work at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Perry Street, heads up the talented young team - and the limited, but well-executed menu reflects his former boss' eye for detail ... Save room for one of the surprising desserts.

photo via Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit: 2009's Top Ten Best New Restaurants in America

September, 2009
...the first sign that No. 7 is doing things a bit differently than your average hipster restaurant is the fried broccoli appetizer: an entire head of broccoli covered in an impossibly crisp tempura batter and paired with a hummus-like black bean sauce and a dill and grapefruit salad. It's a mishmash of disparate ingredients that somehow succeeds ... The risk-taking, slightly theatrical menu comes from chef Tyler Kord, who worked at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Perry St before opening No. 7.

photo via Bon Appetit

Grub Street

July 30, 2009
No. 7 and its chef, Tyler Kord, get a nice shout-out in Bon Appetit's upcoming list of "Top 10 Best New Restaurants in America," at which we've been given a sneak peek. The piece mentions "waitstaff straight out of an American Apparel catalog" and goes on to say "the first sign that No. 7 is doing things a bit different than your average hipster restaurant is the fried broccoli appetizer." Heh. The "dish to try," however, is the pumpkin-seed-crusted tofu with lemongrass broth, rice noodles, and poached eggs.

New Yorker

October 20, 2008
The chef, Tyler Kord, who most recently cooked at Perry St., has referred to his kitchen style as "casual badass." That, presumably, means complicated dishes executed with an effortless air. It works.


Q: What are the top newcomers of 2008?
Andrew Knowlton, Bon Appetit: No. 7, Redhead, Corton, Ko, Ippudo


photo via nytimes.com

The New York Times

October 15, 2008

No. 7 is a comfortable restaurant with comfortable prices, but it is not doing comfort food. It is doing big-city, night-on-the-town chef food. The economy may be regressing, but that doesn't mean our diets have to ... the expertly cooked hanger steak with spicy kimchi pirogis ($20) overachieves, and the banana pudding ($7) that should end your meal also ends any quibbles about No. 7. The bananas are stewed in miso, and its salty, savory funk brings sophistication and comfort together in one spoon.

Time Out New York

...chef Tyler Kord's cuisine - a jumble of Korean and Eastern European flavors - is impressively bold. An unforgettable starter of crisp broccoli tempura was served with black-bean puree and a vinegary, citrus-spiked salad ... Such inventive plates could quickly promote No. 7 from local canteen to destination eatery.

French Culinary Institute: Outstanding Culinary Award

No. 7 chef/owner Tyler Kord was awarded the F.C.I.'s award for outstanding alumnus.

The Village Voice

No. 7's menu offers some Korean touches to its ambitious but short bistro menu. The hanger steak, which arrives nicely charred, comes with dumplings stuffed with potatoes and kimchi instead of the usual frites, via chef and Perry Street veteran Tyler Kord. Even the off-the-wall combinations work...

photo via thrillist.com


September 8, 2008
Grub-wise, 7's plating French-American-ish (roasted chicken w/ carrot puree; grilled cod w/ New Zealand cockles; hangar steak w/ kimchi perogies...), all of which can be had for one Jackson and under (with generous tip, a Jackson Five)...

The State Journal Register, Springfield, IL

July 1, 2009
Springfield native living the dream as NYC restaurateur...